Taking Care of Kid's Teeth

Taking Care of Kid's Teeth

We know it's easier to prevent problems than fix them. Nowhere is this more obvious than with children’s teeth. Unbelievably simple steps can help prevent cavities and make taking care of your child's teeth easier.

Mouth bacteria can be good or bad. Dominant bacteria are always found in the grooves of molar teeth – so ensure when new molars enter a child's mouth they are quickly populated with healthy bacteria that can promote oral health for years to come.


  • Parents hug and kiss their baby, often unaware that cavity germs in their mouths can become the germs that form cavities in baby’s teeth.
  • Parents, babysitters and caretakers can use xylitol and Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System to balance their mouth health – preferably before baby is born.
  • Babies born by Caesarian lack nature’s protection in their mouths, and can be prone to cavities and thrush. Dissolve 1/8th teaspoon of granular xylitol in ½ oz of water and wipe this over baby’s gums, or on the nipple at feeding.
  • Mothers can breastfeed without fear if they wipe xylitol on their child's gums and teeth each day. When a mouth is clean of cavity-forming bacteria, cavities cannot occur.

Toddler Teeth

  • Baby molar teeth erupt at the back of the mouth soon after the first birthday – so brush or wipe all toddler teeth with a little xylitol every day
  • Whenever cleaning teeth is difficult – let your child enjoy a Zellie's Cherry Berry Mint (or the like) – especially before bed or naptime or after sugary snacks or juice. Please be sure your child can safely have a Zellie's mint in their mouths. If they have trouble, you can cut the mint in half to start.
  • Granular xylitol eaten off a spoon may not be as convenient as mints or gum, but it will work just as well and is a way to keep costs of oral health to a minimum. For very young children, or children with chewing problems – this may be a great way to enjoy xylitol. For more information on how to use granular xylitol for young teeth, please see this blog.

Young Children

  • Studies show children with healthy teeth at 4 years old will usually have healthy teeth for life – and they also show that the reverse can be true.
  • Kids often take a water bottle to class – so dissolve a teaspoon of xylitol in this to protect your kids from cavities during the vulnerable school years.
  • An effective approach to using Zellie's Mints or Gum for young children is to develop a routine. One that works well is, 2-4 Zellie's Mints or 1-2 pieces of Zellie's Gum:
    •  after morning brushing 
    • following an after-school snack
    • and after nighttime brushing, before going to bed. Nibbling on Zellie's during nighttime story-time is our personal favorite!
  • The more fillings your child has, the more X rays he or she will require to supervise them, year after year…..


  • Snacking at night, or drinking juice or soda too frequently, can wreck havoc on teeth. Zellie's Mints and Gum provide help for teeth – plus they are delicious and easy to enjoy throughout the day!
  • Braces make tooth cleaning difficult, but with Zellie's throughout the day and following Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System – teenagers with braces can keep teeth healthy and prevent scarring and spots.

Firsthand Experience

"As a mother of two young kids myself, I know firsthand that the sooner you start protecting teeth, the sooner you can enjoy the wonder and beauty of clean, white and healthy teeth! Xylitol is your family’s friend for oral health."

- Chrissie Jarrell, COO, Zellie's