Oral Health Tips

Daily oral care is so important. But oral care is not just about brushing and flossing and there are a few things you can do today to start improving your oral health.

Tip #1:

Allow time for your saliva to do its natural healing!

Healthy saliva has all the minerals needed to repair and strengthen teeth. But if you are drinking and eating most hours of the day (this includes constant sipping on water bottles), your saliva is being diluted and can't perform at its best. Saliva flow also has a circadian rhythm and it is most saturated between lunch and dinner - this is your daily tooth-healing time. Have a few Zellie's and let your saliva do its work!

Healthy saliva is important - the healthier your saliva the better it can help repair and strengthen teeth. To improve the health of your saliva, focus on eating nutrient-dense foods and supporting gut health. It's all connected! 

Your Saliva = Best Way To Repair Teeth

Healthy saliva is a naturally balanced liquid super-saturated with calcium and phosphates that have the capacity to repair and replenish any minerals that were lost from teeth.

Nothing manufactured comes close to the ability of healthy natural saliva to deliver minerals to teeth in this process called re-mineralization. Only when the amount of damage is greater than the ability of saliva to repair this damage does our dental health deteriorate.

Tip #2:

Be mindful of acidic damage. 

Every sip of an acidic drink, or any morsel of carbohydrate or sugary food instantly creates acidic mouth conditions. The amount of liquid or food is not important – because any amount will create a pH drop and damage teeth. If constant snacking or sipping is prolonged, saliva may not be able to return the mouth to a safe pH between the snacks and sips. Then the length of this acidic challenge will be measured from the initial snack to the last one – which may be many hours of damage. Non-Water Drinks Strip Teeth of a Protective Protein Layer and Cause Excessive Damage. Even “body-healthy” liquids – like lemon water and cider vinegar – can adversely affect mouth health. Try to stop sipping between meals and be aware that the following drinks can cause extreme damage if sipped over a long duration:

  • Acidic water (many bottled and tap waters are acidic. Water will become acidic if citrus lemon or orange slices are added).
  • Alcohol - all kinds
  • Juices
  • Coffee & Teas (including black tea and green tea)
  • Carbonated drinks - especially with citrus flavor
  • Kombucha
  • Energy drinks

Tip #3:

Make sure your toothbrush isn't contributing to dental disease. 

Toothbrushes get infected from one singe use! Anaerobic bacteria are the kind of germs that cause gum/periodontal disease and deep cavities. These germs multiply in low-oxygen conditions - especially on toothbrushes that are stored in containers!

Allow your brush to dry for 24 hours between uses in a cup or holder so that air can circulate around the bristles. This means that ideally you have a toothbrush for the morning and another one for the evening!

Never Put Your Toothbrush in a Drawer or Bag. If you are traveling, don't use those toothbrush covers; instead, take inexpensive toothbrushes and throw them away.

As far as toothbrush design, it's more important to brush with a good technique than to buy an expensive brush. Battery or sonic brushes help lazy brushers - but they are not superior to a manual brush. If you have a sonic brush you may want to use it in the morning, but compare with a good manual toothbrush used at night. (learn the best way to brush your teeth).

Tip #4:

Finish each meal, snack and drink with Zellie's!

Zellie's are the ideal way to care for teeth! They can help improve oral health by controlling acidity, by helping reduce and eliminate dental plaque, by helping to stimulate saliva flow, and by supporting healthy mouth bacteria and keeping the harmful bacteria at bay.

Learn more about the benefits of Zellie's here