Mints & Gum That Help Clean & Protect Your Teeth!

Zellie's Mints & Gum are delicious, crafted specifically for oral health, and made with plant-based xylitol & natural ingredients.

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Zellie's Gum

Bold, longer-lasting gum flavors!

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Zellie's Mints

Delicious flavor-packed mints!

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Take care of your teeth!

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Start on a new path to better oral health.

Zellie's are one of the easiest ways to make a change towards improved oral health. They are delicious and easy to incorporate into your day -- wherever life takes you!

Made with Plant-Based Xylitol

Worry less about your teeth with the power of xylitol. All of our products are sweetened only with xylitol to help keep your teeth healthy & to stimulate nature's natural healing.

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30 Days to Healthier Teeth

1. Order your favorite flavors

Zellie's come in so many delicious flavors. Pick your favorites. Start with a couple jars and once you know your favorite flavors, size up to the pouches and refill the jars. One jar is approximately a three-week supply for one person.

2. Use Zellie's after meals, drinks and snacks or anytime you want a clean-mouth-feeling

Zellie's are so easy to use - anytime, anywhere! They are your on-the-go oral care solution. Ideal times to have Zellie's are after meals, drinks and snacks. Let Zellie's stimulate nature's natural healing throughout the day.

3. Feel & see the difference in just weeks

Aim to use Zellie's regularly for 30-days and you will feel and see the difference. Your teeth and your mouth will feel healthier - and your dentist is sure to see the difference too!

Healthy Teeth Wherever You Go

Life is an adventure. Zellie's go with you to help keep your teeth healthy.

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Oral Health Confidence

Feel good knowing you are taking care of your teeth and mouth in a way that has been proven to work.

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Meet Dr. Ellie

We know it can be frustrating (and sometimes painful) to deal with oral health issues. That's why dentist and oral health educator Dr. Ellie created Zellie's as an effective solution, with the goal of making oral health easy and accessible to all.

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"I have had wonderful results..."

“After spending a lot of time trying products to help with my oral hygiene issues, I have had wonderful results from using Zellie’s mints!”


"I love Zellie's gum & mints!"

“I started buying the small bottles of mints. Now I buy the bulk bags. I usually buy the peppermint gum but this time I bought the fruit. What a happy delicious surprise. The products are shipped quickly too! Customer service is very good too!”


“These mints are addictive!"

"Love the way they taste and after a year and a half of eating them, my teeth feel great and no more cavities.”


"Fresh breath and no cavities!"

"Whole family works in customer service so nice to have healthier option for teeth than TicTacs or altoids. Flavors are nicer; we use the cinnamon and the peppermint."


“One taste of the cinnamon mints and I was hooked!"

"They are so hot, they invigorate my taste buds! If you love hot things, these are for you!”