How to Use Zellie's

Studies show that teeth benefit most from small, multiple exposures to xylitol each day - ideally 1-2 grams at each exposure to total between 6.5 and 10 total grams per day. This amount, used regularly, can radically change the profile of bacteria in an infected mouth within a year. Studies indicate that less than 3 grams of xylitol per day may not provide any oral health benefits and that, as the number of exposures to xylitol per day increases, so do the clinical benefits. Over 10 grams per day may not give you any additional dental health benefits, and at this amount, oral health changes appear to plateau.

Increasing the frequency of xylitol consumption and considering the best timing will be your way to maximize its benefits. We suggest you strive for a 1-gram serving of xylitol (ideally as two 0.5 gram mints or a 1-gram piece of gum) five times each day after meals, snacks and drinks.  

 Zellie’s are so delicious and easy to take with you, wherever your day may lead you! Zellie’s will leave your mouth not only feeling fresh and clean, but you will know it is actually supporting your oral health in amazing ways!

Zellie's are easy to use daily and help improve oral health!

Using Zellie's chewing gum and breath mints regularly throughout the day will help control mouth acidity, reduce bad bacteria in your mouth, and encourage good bacteria to flourish. Zellie's are sweetened with 100% tooth-friendly xylitol which helps to strengthen and protect teeth. Countless studies have shown the oral health benefits of xylitol.


Here's how you can use your Zellie's for oral health: