Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System Kit
Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System Kit
Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System Kit

Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System Kit


It only takes 5 minutes, twice a day, to protect your smile and improve your oral health!

Stimulate natural repair with Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System.

> Stop Cavities
> Remineralize Teeth

> Protect Enamel
> Fight Plaque

Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System is a specific collection of oral care products for the protection and healing of adult teeth. When used in this specific method, these products will work in harmony to balance mouth biochemistry and leave teeth cleaner and gums healthier than when any of these products are used alone.

Each Kit Includes:

1 x 16 oz Closys
1 x 18 oz ACT (Mint Flavor)
1 x 500 ml Listerine (Cool Mint Flavor)
1 x 6.4 oz tube Crest Cavity Protection Toothpaste
1 x Instruction Booklet
2 x Jars of Zellie's*

*The Zellie's are based on availability and flavors will vary. We will include the most popular flavors.

Learn more about Dr. Ellie's System here:

Please note the following shipping restrictions on this product: 
- The Complete Mouth Care System Kits can not be shipped to PO Boxes
- Due to international shipping restrictions, the Complete Mouth Care System Kit can not be shipped outside of the Continental USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Juddy H.
Juddy’s experience

I was very happy to try the kit, mainly because it’s has nothing to do with another dental dental procedure going however I’m noticing spacing ocuuring between my teeth. It’s just been a year I had Invisalign treatment

Mark S.
For the wife

Bought this for my wife who’s having implants, just want to help her gums get healthier.

Heather D.
Tastes horrible

I was unable to stand the taste of the Listerine,very acidic and the taste was hard to get rid of even with rinsing .The Act rinse wasn’t as bad but left an unpleasant aftertaste as well. Both are full of chemicals and not that different from what other dentists recommend. The xylitol mints gave me diarrhea. Where is the Xylitol rinse which would have been more helpful?

Angela S.
value for money

I priced all this separately and it is a good value. Just ordered the kit, havent received yet, am anxious to start! My husband and my 10 yr old are the worst situations, cant wait to see how much this system helps them!

Andras G.

Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System Kit