Oral Health For Moms & Families

Oral Health For Moms & Families

Moms often don’t have enough time to consider the importance of their oral health - and sadly dental health can rapidly deteriorate at this stage in life. Today we know gum disease can lead to inflammation in the body and periodontal bacteria can even impact a woman’s ability to conceive.



Although dental cleanings and periodontal care are determined to be safe during pregnancy, we believe pregnant women and new mothers can quickly improve their oral health at home, using xylitol and my specific strategies for oral health. 

Over the past 40 years Dr. Ellie, founder of Zellie's, has helped thousands of people gain control over gingivitis and bleeding gums with my simple strategies, and also avoid and potentially heal cavities and gum disease. Here is a link to a free downloadable booklet about Dr. Ellie's system.



  • Xylitol feeds healthy mouth bacteria, working as an oral prebiotic, to protect teeth from damage and disease.
  • Xylitol consumed at the end of a meal can help to control plaque and make teeth easier to clean. 
  • Xylitol offers a simple and delicious way to support mouth health and keep teeth free from plaque and protected from cavities, especially during infancy and childhood. 


Studies show that cavity-forming bacteria are transmitted from a parent’s mouth to their baby. The risk of transmission of cavity bacteria can be reduced with the regular use of xylitol mints and gum by caretakers and adults, and granular xylitol can be dissolved in water and wiped over baby teeth to protect them from plaque bacteria as they erupt into the mouth. 

Learn the most effective way to clean baby teeth with xylitol.


Today we know families share similar kinds of mouth bacteria and if your family has a history of bad teeth, consider the regular use of xylitol mints and gum as a great way to interrupt bacterial transmission of plaque and cavity-forming bacteria. Zellie’s xylitol mints and gum are specifically formulated for oral health and are delicious! 

Enjoy a couple of mints or a piece of gum at the end of every meal and after drinks, daily. Regular use of Zellie's will progressively eliminate plaque and help to prevent cavities. A great time to give children Zellie’s mints is also before nap time and after brushing teeth at bedtime.

If you are new to xylitol, there is much to learn about this delicious and surprising health sugar. Dr Kjersti Aagaard, a lead researcher of the Human Microbiome Project, and a Professor of Obstetrics at Baylor College is an expert in maternal and fetal medicine. Dr Kjersti has studied how two or more pieces of 100% xylitol gum daily can reduce a woman’s risk for premature delivery to help prevent the negative consequences of low birth weight for babies.

Read more about the study here.





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