The Benefits of Kissing

The Benefits of Kissing

Oral Bacteria – Good and Bad

Mouth bacteria transfer in saliva when we kiss or are in close contact with friends and family. Today we know cavities and gum disease are bacterial infections, but researcher Philip Marsh has helped us better understand how to avoid infection by these harmful bacteria. Marsh’s research shows it is normal and natural for the mouth to be coated with bacteria and that healthy bacteria form communities that protect our gums and teeth from temperature change, erosion, even from infection by cavity and periodontal disease. Protective healthy bacteria not only help control the spread of bacteria from our mouths, but they can also protect us from picking up harmful bacteria from others.

This knowledge can help you avoid being scared by the idea of sharing mouth bacteria or believe we should avoid kissing our babies, family or friends! This silly idea makes the wrong assumption we have no control over our mouth bacteria. Remember that there are only a few harmful pathogenic bacteria and hundreds more protective and useful bacteria in our mouths, all ready to protect us! 

The Benefits of Kissing

This understanding of our mouth’s healthy bacterial population offers us a exciting new perspective and illustrates the value of bacterial diversity. The composition of our mouth’s bacteria mix starts to develop at birth, even in infants just a few hours old. We now see that bacterial species in the mouths of preschool children will go on to comprise almost 40% of the bacterial “garden” that coats our teeth in adulthood. This means baby teeth matter! This knowledge also illustrates how a wide diversity of bacteria encourages health and that the acquisition process is perfectly natural and should be encouraged. On the other hand, no one wants to share cavity or gum disease bacteria with their children or grandchildren, especially as we know certain mouth bacteria are implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease and other systemic health conditions. 

How To Control Oral Bacteria

So, alert family members – especially anyone suffering with dental problems about the transmission of disease, but be sure to let them know that there’s an effective way to promote healthy mouth bacteria and reduce risks from cavities and gum disease. 

My Complete Mouth Care System is comprised of three over-the-counter mouth rinses and a specific Crest toothpaste, used with Zellie’s dental mints and gum. This strategy will promote healthy bacteria in the mouth over a period of about 6 months, to empower you and control oral bacteria. Why not begin this simple at-home method immediately – maybe before your next dental visit?  

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