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Nano-Silver Toothbrushes Are Wonderful

We are so pleased with these brushes - and until we tried them, had no idea how much of a difference the right toothbrush can make!
They have perfectly gentle but firm-enough bristles.
They're very easy to use
No batteries! And no noise or cords.
Thank you Dr Ellie for recommending, and Dr Plotka for making, a great toothbrush.

Really works!

I have been using this gum from another source (Amazon) and I have found a better price at Zellie’s. Since using the entire mouth care system, of which this gum is an integral part, my mouth has never felt cleaner.

Where is the Cherry Berry Gum!!

Where is the Cherry Berry Gum!!

My teeth have never felt better

Love the tooth

April G

I bought the complete set for home use and the travel pack for work. Love the mint flavor, so refreshing! Got to the groove of my new brushing habit easily. Even clears my nasal passage as a bonus.

Taste great!

Zellie's Cherry Berry Xylitol Dental mints are delicious and do seem to leave my mouth feeling clean in between meals. Eating too many of them is my problem.

Refreshing and yummy

Much better than the Pur gum we had been buying. My only complaints are no local buying options and I wish the flavor lasted a bit longer.

Love it

Great products

Good mints

We use xylitol mints as part of Dr Ellie's mouth care system and the Cool Fruit is one of the flavors my daughter likes.

CHERRY BERRY Xylitol Dental Mints

Terribly addicting!!

Stubborn tarter that couldn’t be fixed by brushing or flossing GONE!

Sensitivity in my lower gums gone. I’m only a month and change into the system and expect the sensitivity in my upper gums to disappear over time. The only thing I disagree with is the flossing. I have very tight teeth in the front and things then to get wedged in there. Will be curious what my dentist tells me next month.

Gum is great

Great product!

I like them

No side effects, freshens breath and tastes good.

So far so good. Been using it for over a week and my mouth sensitivity has lessened. My teeth are definitely getting a better cleaning. I wish I used this system years ago. I don't understand why this system isn't part of everyone's dental hygiene when you go see the dentist. Thanks Dr. Ellie!!

So far so good

I have no more bleeding when i am brushing my teeth since i started taking them


Taste really good!

drank the koolaid

Dr Philips, am on your whole program and am having extraordinary results. thank you so much for developing a program like this.
Wesley Morgan

Love this product. It immediately changes the feeling inside my mouth as soon as I start chewing it. 

Most fun I had brushing my teeth

Great kit, teeth and gums feel better already!

Mints and gum give me bad stomachache

Pretty sure it's the sugar alcohol xylitol that upsets my stomach so bad. Disappointed because I bought two bags and two bottles and can't use them.

40 Years ago

I have not chewed gum for 40 years out of fear it may harm fillings I have but since it was recommended by a dentist I feel it is well worth the risk. Help to remove or prevent plaque buildup is the test too early to tell but I'm enjoying the gum and it's flavor and preventing plaque would be great.

Love the mints

I’ve been doing Dr. Elle’s complete mouth care program for 4 months. My mouth feels clean and my gums have never felt so healthy. I have many cavities due to poor gut absorption and sjogren’s. I’m trying really hard to heal them and save my teeth.
The small ones seem to be remineralizing. Me teeth are feeling stronger.

Xylitol is great for killing bad breath bacteria and protecting teeth. I like the cinnamon flavor.

Peppermint xylitol dental gun

Very happy with product