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Zellie's Peppermint is THE BEST!

I've tried many brands of Xylitol gum and by far Zellie's Peppermint is THE BEST! And their Customer Service is amazing! Thank you Zellie's!!

The Best

I've tried several different brands of xylitol mints to use in Dr. Ellie's complete mouth care system and I have found Zellie's to be the best-tasting--- plus Zellie's don't bother my stomach like the other brands do.


Zellies have to be my favorite mints and gum. I love the cherry berry mints :)

My 5 year old daughter's favorite

These are my daughter's favorite. I like them too when I need a break from mint flavors.

Long lasting flavor and chewing!

I thoroughly enjoy my Zellies gum and mints! They have totally been a game changer in my daily after eating routine. I'm noticing a difference and I like it. Thank you!

Quality product

4 STARS because of the price and shipping cost to Canada (Ironically they are manufactured in Canada). Otherwise 5 STARS easily. I have tried other xylitol mints and these are by far the best, re taste, texture and efficacy. I like the Cool Mint flavour best.

Love this gum!!

This is my go-to gum throughout the day. Love the flavor and the fact that it mostly just contains xylitol and no weird ingredients. Thanks Zellie's!

Great gums

I absolutely love the variety pa k gums. We always keep it in stock. Never letting them run out. They are delicious and good for your teeth.


Your cousin loved it…

like juicy fruit, only much smaller

I like the fruit flavor the best of the gum and the mints

SO good!

Zellie's cinnamon gum is the perfect sweet/spicy treat. Like most gum, the flavor gets more subtle after the first few minutes; but it's perfect to freshen your mouth and when you're craving something sweet (without indulging in unhealthy stuff).

Healthy Teeth Variety Pack

I love having different flavored mints on hand. After eating fruit, I reach for the fruit flavor mints. After a cup of tea, the peppermint is perfect. The variety pack is also more enticing for children who love to make decisions on the flavor of the day. Thank you ,Zellies ,for a great product and for all you do for dental health!!!

Great cinnamon!

Great taste

For me, the cool fruit flavor is better than the "juicy fruit" flavor.

I love the cinnamon gum . Also I hadn’t been to my dentist in two years and my dentist said my teeth where very clean

Great Chew

Remember when gum used to last for days without dissolving in your mouth and turning into a gross mess of muck? While I have not tested it for days of use, Zellie's gum lasts as long as I have desire to chew and does not start falling apart like pretty much every other gum on the market these days. The fresh fruit flavor tastes almost exactly like the classic Bubble Gum flavor. I like it and the price is actually not bad if ordered in bulk or from one of the few stores that carries this brand.

PEPPERMINT Xylitol Dental Gum

Kiddies favorites

I have to keep my pantry supplied
Zellie’s from grandkids I can’t seem to hide!
“Can we please have two pieces?”from seven
At a time .” Sure”,I reply It’s the Zellie’s kind!


Great tasting gum

Love ‘em

Great alternative to gum after having a beverage with no food!

Good Stuff!

I have tried many different brands of xylitol over the years. None of them are as good and clean as Zellie's. I buy the bulk pack because we use so much of them I hate to run out. Highly recommend all their products.

Keeps flavor

I really like this gum. It keeps its flavor, and remains soft. Flavor is great, too.

My kids love this flavor

Thanks for helping me keep my children's teeth healthy!!

"Better than regular candy!"

I overheard my 10 year old daughter exclaim to a friend that her mom got her sugar free candy because she cannot eat regular candy now (orthodontics) and that it is "good for your teeth and BETTER than REAL candy ... no, for real ... it's better!"
The Cherry Berry is not minty ... it is a very pleasant cherry flavor hard candy. The fruit flavors are fruity and the mints are minty.
We enjoy them all in our home. Buying bulk bag to refill our smaller containers.

Yummy gum that is also good for teeth!

I like all of the flavors of Zellies gum and mints, but Fresh Fruit gum is definitely my favorite.  I like it so much, I'm amazed that it is actually good for my teeth!  I'm so thankful for Dr. Ellie's wisdom that she is willing to share with the world, and am also thankful for her Zellies products.