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Love it


I love chewing Zellie’s gum after eating, before brushing my teeth throughout the day or before bedtime, or when I go hours without eating. They seem to freshen my breath and help with food residue, but more importantly I have honestly felt like since I started chewing Zellie’s gum everyday, they have helped my cavities and teeth pain a tiny bit! They have responsive and good customer service so far(but I haven’t dealt too much with them, so I don’t know how they handle other things). They always ship fast and provide emails and an adequate tracking number immediately. They're pricey, but they seem to be reasonably priced in comparison to other clean xylitol gum companies. What I did was order the case of “6 jars 100 count each” because I like to have them in various places, like my car, purse, bedroom, office, kitchen, etc.. Then, after I finished all the gum in the jars, I made sure not to throw the plastic jars and then now I always order the “bulk bag of 600 count gum” to refill the jars. It’s cheaper in the long run and recycling that way too. They always include a little sample too, which is how I got hooked on the cinnamon flavor! The cinnamon is my favorite flavor (even though I haven’t tried the fruit flavor) and I feel it lasts a tiny but longer than the other flavors. I feel like chewing 3 gums the minimum gives you a nice little chew time. (no clean xylitol gym that I’ve ever tried lasts a long time)


I love it that’s the only reason my son would take them only if they are bubble gum

The best gum for my teeth!!

I have been chewing this gum to clean my teeth between brushes for many years! It really does help to keep my teeth clean and shiny. I highly recommend it!!

Cary-Free For ≥ 7 Years

brushing twice a day, using Dr. Ellie's Regimen, and chewing this gum has kept my erstwhile cavity-prone teeth cavity-free for at least 7 years.

Excellent product

Everyone in my home likes these mints. Especially me! We like the big package of them and appreciate that they are not made in China like the other ones I used to use.


Love the cherry berry mints. Too bad there's not a gum with this flavor. Love the cinnamon gum. Great service

So far so good. Feels so much different from other toothbrushes. I will repurchase.

Cherry Berry Zellies

Great taste and nice customer service. Speedy delivery too.

Did not receive. Sad. Not your fault. I think they were stolen at front door. But I love them and follow exactly what you recommend for teeth care.


Good cherry & berry flavor for a dry mouth mint!

Great Flavor

This was my second order, I tried the fruit flavor first and though it is good, the flavor doesn’t last long. The spearmint flavor lasts long and the texture is like regular gum. Good to know I can enjoy gum that’s also great for my oral health.

COOL MINT Xylitol Dental Mints

I like the Cool Fruit dental mints versus the Cool Mint. My wife ordered these vs. me but no problem.

No more dry mouth!

This product has been a huge help. I have a pre-cancerous condition in my mouth. Thanks to Zellies mints I have not have a flare up since I started using them.

No Brainer

Suffering with something causing separation of my gum skin from the underlying flesh has left me quite desperate. I needed the whole kit to figure out what helps. I love the Zellie's mints and compared to xylitol tablets the drug store sells the price is fantastic. This does not replace changes to diet but sure gives me extra weapons to use. I recommend finding an ultra-soft brush as well. I will be ordering more definitely.


I read Dr. Ellie Phillips book "Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye" which then led me to this product. It completely changed my brushing routine and my dentist noticed the difference on my last checkup. Taking care of my teeth now is fun and I know it works. Although you can by the products at the local drug store, it is convenient to get these products and the explanation booklet directly from the source. This is my second purchase. There will be many more.

Easy to follow even for kids

Dr. Ellie's system has been great for improving our family's daily tooth care routine. The kids love the mints, too!

Dr. Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System Kit

So happy with this purchase! It is even easier & faster to use than I expected!

Complete Mouth Care System

Couldnt be more pleased! Both my wife and I have noticed our teeth are whiter, and less sensitive! Plaque is not accumulating on my teeth as before. Mouth feels cleaner and fresher than I can ever remember. I have recommended this system to family, friends, neighbors, and to any one I meet or speak to. I even tell people I have never met but I speak to regarding customer service matters . Love spreading the good news about dental health!!

satisfied so far!

Ive only been using the system for 3 days and I already notice a difference. I was VERY hesitant at first to be using standard commercial products but Dr Ellies explanation made good sense to me and that gave me the courage to try it. So far so good.

250 ct Mint Jar

After my start up kit, I ordered all the flavors (except Cool Fruit), and I like them all! The Cinnamon is very tart in that good cinnamon way, and I love switching among them. I suppose some day I'll order the mass quantities, but for now, I like the variety in the 250 ct jars.

zellie's-- cherry berry mints

really good product

Great tasting healthy mints

Cherry berry mints are flavorful and good for dental health.

cool mint

great! refreshing

good product. Lets me get a good nights sleep

I recommend this for anyone suffering from chronic dry mouth.