"Mouth Care Comes Clean" Book

"Mouth Care Comes Clean" Book


Enjoy the Mouth Health You Deserve!

Dr. Ellie's newest book, Mouth Care Comes Clean, offers breakthrough strategies to stop cavities and heal gum disease naturally.

Dr. Ellie challenges the traditional dental mantra that tells us to "brush and floss" because she believes it is dangerous advice and ineffective in light of our understanding that cavities and gum disease are bacterial infections.

Oral health depends on the development of a bacterial balance in the mouth, and this cannot be achieved with a length of floss, by overzealous cleaning, or indiscriminate killing of mouth bacteria.

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Ellie shares her easy-to-follow strategies that put oral health under your control. She reveals how to:

  • Stop and reverse cavities and gum disease
  • Use diet and digestive health to influence saliva quality and promote tooth and gum healing
  • Enjoy xylitol to control acidic damage and sensitivity
  • End the discomfort of dry mouth and gum recession
  • Avoid damage caused by flossing
  • Evaluate sealants and their potential dangers
  • Schedule the best time for dental appointments
  • Learn the dangers of artificial whitening and how to naturally whiten your teeth

Praise for Mouth Care Comes Clean:

"This book cuts through our fear and confusion about dental cavities and gum disease to offer a compelling argument why simple, thoughtful changes in eating patterns and home care can improve our oral health for life."-John Mackey, cofounder and CEO, Whole Foods Market, author of The Whole Foods Diet

''It is well known in the medical field that dental health impacts all the other areas of our health, and yet there don't seem to be any good tools to improve our oral health. Floss more? Brush more? Use this special toothpaste? But very little makes any difference. Until now. When we started bringing Dr. Phillips' information into our clinic and to our patients, the change was startling. People who had dreaded visiting the dentist now came back with glowing reviews. Patients improved their mouths, teeth, and gums so much that the dentist cancelled surgeries. Children and adults remineralized their teeth, fixing cavities...there was so much change that her advice and her programs are a staple in our practice now. Mouth Care Comes Clean is the key to retaining your teeth and oral health for a lifetime, and that will profoundly improve your whole body health." -Marlene Merritt, DOM, MS in nutrition and functional medicine, licensed acupuncturist, board-certified bariatric counselor, author, and international speaker.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Amanda C.
Why didn't my dentist tell me this?

I learned so much about how cavities and gum pockets form, and how to change the overall health of my mouth.

Shane A.
Love it

This goes hand in hand with what I believe with health and nutrition


Excellent book. This should be a required read in every home, school, and/or a required text for a health class. Thank you, Dr Ellie Phillips

Efrain S.
In process

Still following everything to a ti for the best results! Thank you for such great insight! 👍🏻

Ted F.
Truth is so refreshing!

Because of a recently discovered blockage in one of my heart arteries, the most amazing revelation in this book for me is the very close relationship between oral health and heart health. For the past 50 years, I have done everything I was told to do in my battle with deep pockets and the threat of periodontal disease, including dental cleanings every four months. Only recently, have I learned SO MUCH MORE from Dr. Phillips. After reading, “Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye”, I just had to read “Mouth Care Comes Clean” to see if there were any updates. The first book was my introduction to a sensible and easy to do method of attaining good oral health. Her latest book is a much more detailed and in depth explanation of how we got where we are, what we need to do now to have healthy gums and teeth, and how that can effect general health.

I appreciate her style of writing and the truth that she presents in such a respectable fashion.

I am 78 years young, have been faithfully using Dr. Phillips Complete Mouth Care System for 10 weeks. I am still amazed at starting each day with a “just got a dental cleaning” feeling, and that’s before my morning brushing!