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Gift of Healthy Teeth Variety Pack - MINTS
Gift of Healthy Teeth Variety Pack - MINTS

Gift of Healthy Teeth Variety Pack - MINTS

$36.80 Regular price $46.00

Share The Gift of Healthy Teeth with friends, family (or yourself 😉)! 

The bundled box is the perfect way to sample all of the delicious Zellie's flavors. It's also the best way to introduce the power of xylitol for oral health to your friends and family. 

Each box comes with 4 jars of Zellie's Mints and at an automatic savings of 8% off each jar!

The MINT Variety Box includes:
- 1 x Cool Mint Mints 250ct Jar
- 1 x Spearmint Mints 250ct Jar
- 1 x Cherry Berry Mints 250ct Jar
- 1 x Cool Fruit Mints 250ct Jar


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Shannon G.
Depend on these!

My cancer meds give me dry mouth and I wake up several times a night feeling so parched that it's almost hard to swallow. I pop a mint under my tongue and go back to sleep feeling refreshed. I've travelled a few times without the mints and have found that nights are a whole lot harder without them.

David S.
Zellies variety pack

What a great way to tr the different flavors and what an easy way to take good care of my teeth and gums! Love it!

Lisa R.
Good flavor

Good quality. You can suck or chew them. The flavors are great. I take a few a handful of times a day. Also, I noticed the capped jars are filled all the way to the top with mints. I rarely see that and appreciate it. I also appreciate the fruit flavor Because I know my son would not enjoy mint or cinnamon flavors. He enjoys the cool fruit flavor and my daughter enjoys the spearmint.

Sheri L.
Love these little mints!

A friend gave me my first bottle of Zellie's miints, saying I just had to try them. She was so full of praise for all the benefits. My family loves having the options we get with the variety pack. I cannot wait to tell others about this product.

carol o.

Nicely packaged for gift giving.