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SPEARMINT Xylitol Dental Gum
SPEARMINT Xylitol Dental Gum
SPEARMINT Xylitol Dental Gum
SPEARMINT Xylitol Dental Gum
SPEARMINT Xylitol Dental Gum
SPEARMINT Xylitol Dental Gum

SPEARMINT Xylitol Dental Gum

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Zellie's Spearmint Dental Gum is a minty, sweet treat that is amazing for your teeth! Your mouth will feel clean and refreshed after each piece of gum. 

Pick the size that works best for you. Or mix-and-match sizes to be sure you have Zellie's wherever your day takes you.

Zellie’s gum is sweetened with 100% tooth-friendly xylitol and each piece of gum contains 1 gram of xylitol. Eat a piece of Zellie’s gum after each meal, snack or beverage to help neutralize acidity for a cleaner, healthier mouth.

Consume 6-10 grams of xylitol each day in 3-5 exposures for maximum dental benefit. 6.5 grams daily is sufficient to effectively reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth. Good bacteria that take their place are non-adhesive and appear to be protective of teeth over the long term.
SUGGESTED USE: Chew Zellie's gum directly after meals, snacks and drinks.

Xylitol, Gum Base, Natural Flavors, Gum Arabic, Sunflower Lecithin, Carnauba Wax.
*all ingredients are GMO Free
*all Zellie's are Glycerin Free

Star-K Kosher Certified

For more information on Zellie’s Ingredients, please visit the Zellie’s Ingredients page.

> Please Note: Zellie's Bulk Bags cannot be returned once opened. Not sure you'll like it? Please try our smaller sizes before purchasing in bulk.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Pam C.
Spearmint Gum

My husband has been enjoying the Spearmint Gum and I am trying to get him to use it every time he eats (hopefully his dentist notices the difference).

Winnie G.
Really good gum!

I enjoy my spearmint Zellies!
Great flavor!

Traci R.
Awesome product. All around.

Such an easy way to improve the dental health of your entire family! My kids love the flavors. We always have them with us, in a backpack or fanny pack, on adventures away from the house. After a snack to fuel our bikes, bikes, we always finish with a mint!

Pamela M.M.
Great Flavor

This was my second order, I tried the fruit flavor first and though it is good, the flavor doesn’t last long. The spearmint flavor lasts long and the texture is like regular gum. Good to know I can enjoy gum that’s also great for my oral health.

Excellent Gum!

I have been a fan of Dr. Ellies for about 6 years now. Ever since reading Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye. Using the system; Closys, Crest, Listerine and Act along with Zellies gum through the day has made a HUGE difference in my oral health which influences my overall health. So I will continue to both be a fan and purchase the products! Thanks Dr Ellie!