+ Our Values

  • Six values—call them principles, if you want—drive the decisions Zellie’s makes every day.
  • They guide our conduct and keep us true to our mission. Our values are our internal GPS. They also inspire and motivate us to act with purpose. They propel us forward and reign us in. We expect you can see and taste the results.

Great tasting, Good for you

Taste and effectiveness are the twin pillars of Zellie’s business. One means nothing without the other. We know that if you don’t enjoy our products, you won’t use them.

Integrity in Every Bite

Recommended use of Zellie’s products delivers just the right amount of xylitol to improve your teeth and gums.

The Best and Nothing Less

Zellie’s makes its gums, mints and candies with a short list of high-quality, all-natural ingredients. We use nothing artificial, nothing unnecessary and nothing genetically modified.

Knowledge & Empowerment

Zellie’s provides the tools and information people need to take control of their teeth and gums. We do this by pairing refreshing, high-quality products with access to oral health education—all backed by scientific research and results.

Commitment to Cause

Tooth decay and gum disease are preventable conditions, and Zellie’s is committed to eradicating them before they start. We believe five-a-day use of Zellie’s great-tasting, xylitol-sweetened gum, mints and candies is an effective oral health practice for children and adults.

More than a Business

Zellie’s is more than a business, and it always has been. Zellie’s dedication to promoting healthy teeth and gums, best demonstrated by the Gift of Healthy Teeth Fund, is testament to the company’s true mission.