Zellie's Story

Zellie’s is a family-owned producer of gums, mints and candies sweetened with 100% all-natural xylitol.

Zellie’s was founded in 2005 by dentist and oral health advocate Dr. Ellie Phillips to promote the proven benefits of xylitol, a natural sweetener that helps strengthen teeth and freshen breath.

Zellie’s products are available online and in retailers throughout the United States, including Whole Foods and Wegmans. Zellie’s is headquartered in Rochester, NY and Austin, TX.

+ Our Milestones

Zellie’s was founded in 2005 by dentist and oral health advocate Dr. Ellie Phillips


Dr. Ellie attends a National Institutes of Health symposium where evidence-based research on the efficacy of xylitol for oral health was presented.


Dr. Ellie launches a website promoting the many benefits of xylitol.


Zellie’s, Inc. is established. Dr. Ellie starts selling xylitol gum and mints online and at Lori's Natural Foods in Rochester NY.

2005 -2008

Zellie’s improves product flavors and textures through extensive research and development.


Wegmans becomes Zellie’s first regional retail partner. Zellie’s is now available in all 80+ Wegmans stores.


Zellie’s introduces Polar Bears, quick-dissolving candy for children.


Whole Foods becomes a retail partner in the southwest region.


Zellie’s updates its brand, introduces new packaging and establishes the Gift of Healthy Teeth Fund.

+ Our Values

  • Six values—call them principles, if you want—drive the decisions Zellie’s makes every day.
  • They guide our conduct and keep us true to our mission. Our values are our internal GPS. They also inspire and motivate us to act with purpose. They propel us forward and reign us in. We expect you can see and taste the results.

Great tasting, Good for you

Taste and effectiveness are the twin pillars of Zellie’s business. One means nothing without the other. We know that if you don’t enjoy our products, you won’t use them.

Integrity in Every Bite

Recommended use of Zellie’s products delivers just the right amount of xylitol to improve your teeth and gums.

The Best and Nothing Less

Zellie’s makes its gums, mints and candies with a short list of high-quality, all-natural ingredients. We use nothing artificial, nothing unnecessary and nothing genetically modified.

Knowledge & Empowerment

Zellie’s provides the tools and information people need to take control of their teeth and gums. We do this by pairing refreshing, high-quality products with access to oral health education—all backed by scientific research and results.

Commitment to Cause

Tooth decay and gum disease are preventable conditions, and Zellie’s is committed to eradicating them before they start. We believe five-a-day use of Zellie’s great-tasting, xylitol-sweetened gum, mints and candies is an effective oral health practice for children and adults.

More than a Business

Zellie’s is more than a business, and it always has been. Zellie’s dedication to promoting healthy teeth and gums, best demonstrated by the Gift of Healthy Teeth Fund, is testament to the company’s true mission.

+ Healthy Teeth Fund

  • Better health outcomes through education and philanthropy
  • Zellie’s established the Gift of Healthy Teeth fund in 2014, named so because our founder, Dr. Ellie Phillips, believes healthy teeth are a greatly underappreciated gift. Zellie’s contributes 1 percent of gross sales to the fund, which supports oral health education and prevention programs.

The state of oral health in the US is worse than many realize, and Zellie’s believes it simply doesn’t need to be.

Given the proper knowledge and tools, many of the most prevalent oral health issues can be prevented.

  • 80% of 17-year-olds have tooth decay
  • 52 million school hours are lost each year to dental treatment problems
  • 2 out of 3 adults have moderate to severe gum disease
  • 1 in 4 Medicare beneficiaries are missing all of their natural teeth

We hope to reduce these numbers in the US by expanding our education platform through the Gift of Healthy Teeth Fund. With your help and the regular contributions from Zellie’s sales, we are confident that stronger, healthier teeth will triumph over common oral health foes such as plaque, dry mouth and acidity.



Dr. Ellie Phillips, DDS, Founder & Chief Education Officer

As a young dentist in England, Dr. Ellie realized something had to be done to improve the dental health of children and adults across the globe. For the past 35 years she has been teaching that tooth decay and gum disease are preventable and promoting the many benefits of xylitol. Dr. Ellie is also a passionate believer in the connection between oral health and general health, and how good nutrition and effective mouth care provide far more than a healthy smile. Dr. Ellie has five children and delights in her family and her grandchildren. Her hobbies include reading biographies and learning about other cultures and their attitudes toward health.

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Chrissie Jarrell, Chief Operating Officer

Growing up as Dr. Ellie’s daughter, Chrissie came by her passions for health and wellness honestly. A serial entrepreneur with the drive of a former competitive swimmer turned triathlete, she loves to find ways to make a real difference in people’s lives. She has had success leading startup businesses from early stage through acquisition/exit, and has been a leader in community development and education. As COO of Zellie’s her focus is daily operations, sales and marketing, and business development. She is driven daily to offer the best products and service possible to Zellie’s customers and retail partners. Chrissie enjoys spending time with her family and is focused on living a healthy and balanced life. She can often be found swimming, cycling and running around her hometown of Austin, TX.

Fred Larkins_Headshot.jpg

Fred Larkins, Vice President of Sales

Fred Larkins is an extremely driven serial entrepreneur. Over the past 20 years he has been part of or started eleven startup companies in the music industry, manufacturing/construction industry and technology industry. His roles have ranged from sales & marketing to business development to president and founder. He has generated millions of dollars in revenue through his efforts in all of his roles. He is a disruptor who likes to enter existing markets where business is done in a traditional way and put an innovative spin to make it better. He is experienced at pitching ideas/businesses to Angel Investment Groups, has raised money both for profit and non-profit businesses and introducing new products/concepts to a market. The best way to describe Fred is this: he get’s stuff done.