+ A daily routine

Adults and children will enjoy dental benefits from a little xylitol daily - providing they have at least 3 grams. Less than 3 grams may not show any oral health benefits.

Zellie’s are most effective when eaten at the end of meals. Zellie’s will limit acidic damage by alkalizing the mouth and limiting the growth of harmful cavity bacteria.

To reduce plaque in the mouth, five exposures per day are recommended and 6.5 grams of xylitol daily. This is why we recommend one or two mints or a piece of Zellie’s gum after every meal, snack or drink.

Less than 3 grams of xylitol daily may not enhance oral health. It appears the more xylitol you consume (up to about 10 grams), the greater the benefits for preventing decay – provided this consumption is in divided small amounts.