Customer Reviews

"Cavity Prevention AND Refreshing, Long-Lasting Flavor"

Susan H.

"Thank you Dr. Ellie for your years of research invested in producing this amazing product! I haven't chewed gum in 40 years, being aware of the side-effects. Now, with my bulk bag of Peppermint Zellie's Gum I can actually enjoy fresh breath throughout the day, even after my frequently enjoyed garlic/onion meals! The flavor lasts quite a long time and I love that I'm actually promoting good dental health care. Great combo while also precisely following all of your Complete Mouth Care System. Thanks Dr. Ellie!"

"Our whole family is using and enjoying Zellie products ~ we think they are the very best!"


"After tongue and throat cancer, the radiation took away all traces of saliva. So bad for your teeth and terribly uncomfortable. Our dentist recommended Zellie's mints and gum. Happy to report it relieved the dry discomfort and has held off the decay we worried about without saliva. Our whole family is using and enjoying Zellie products ~ we think they are the very best!"

"Fresh breath and no cavities!"


"Whole family works in customer service so nice to have healthier option for teeth than TicTacs or altoids. Flavors are nicer; we use the cinnamon and the peppermint."

"I love Zellie's gum & mints!"


"I started buying the small bottles of mints. Now I buy the bulk bags. I usually buy the peppermint gum but this time I bought the fruit. What a happy delicious surprise. The products are shipped quickly too! Customer service is very good too!"


MB Hallahan

"I have been using xylitol gum for several years now and have therefore tried numerous brands of xylitol gum. Zellie's brand is the best xylitol gum on the market, hands down! Its flavor is deliciously bold and long-lasting, and the mouthfeel of the 'chew' is not too soft, not too hard, but just right, as well as being long-lasting. I would choose Zellie's brand over any other. Keep up the good work!"

"Fantastic product"


"No plaque on teeth which is great. Love the zellies and will never stop taking them as they have really helped by preventing tartar accumulation . More review after dentist appointment next month."

"Big improvement in dental hygiene!"

Jennifer G.

(Reviewing the Cool Fruit Mints)

"These "mints" (they're not minty at all) taste like an orange tic tac and last about 2-3 minutes. They are pleasant enough and I will continue to buy them because I've noticed a big difference in my mouth since I started using Dr Ellie's mouth care system. I used to feel the need to brush my teeth at least 3 or 4 times a day but no more. My teeth feel just as clean at 10pm before I brush as they do at 7am after brushing. It really is amazing what a little bit of xylitol can do!"

"Soft peppermint"


"Excellent gum! The flavor is brisk and clean. The gum remains soft as you chew, and the flavor lasts. Leaves your mouth feeling clean instead of sticky. Easy to order and the gum was shipped to us quickly."


J.M. Cohen

"Zellie's is the BEST xylitol gum I have tried, and the cinnamon gum totally rocks: it has excellent flavor and lasts longer than other brands, IE doesn't get hard."

"Great deal buying in bulk"


"I just wanted to thank Dr. Phillips for providing xylitol in bulk to the fans of her complete mouth care system. I usually put about 6 to 8 of these in my apron before going to work. After chewing xylitol for about 2 years now I haven't had one cavity, and my teeth don't feel like they ever need a dental cleaning. I've tried all the flavors and peppermint is my favorite because it covers up any bad breath from potent foods I eat during the day: anything with onions or garlic."

"Simple ingredients and tastes good too!"


"Many of the xylitol sweetened items I have tried seem to have a strange effect, some call it a "cooling sensation", that I don't particularly like. But the Zellie's Fresh Fruit gum did not have that effect on me at all. It tastes great and the flavor lasts long enough for the purpose of having some xylitol in my mouth after each meal for dental preventative care."

"Best Tasting Xylitol Gum"


"Zellies is by far the best tasting xylitol gum. It doesn't loose its flavor. Buying in bulk is convenient as well for a person like me who chews a lot of gum!"

"These are fantastic!"


"My whole family really loves the Zellies Cool Mints. They not only freshen your breath, but they definitely help with plaque on your teeth. You still need to brush, but these give you that , "I just went to the dentist" clean teeth feeling."

"Stop decay in its tracks"

Yolanda T.

"Since I started chewing xylitol gum my teeth and become very much better. I lost my insurance three years ago and this gum has saved me. I recommend it to everyone."

"Love 'em!"

Barbara D.

"These mints are wonderful! They have a light, refreshing taste and keep my mouth from getting dry. Plus there is no sugar buzz or crash. My mouth doesn't get that sugar gunk build up after eating them, either."

“One taste of the cinnamon mints and I was hooked!"


"They are so hot, they invigorate my taste buds! If you love hot things, these are for you!”

“These mints are addictive!"


"Love the way they taste and after a year and a half of eating them, my teeth feel great and no more cavities.”

"Helps with Sjorgren’s Syndrome"

Zellie's Customer

“I keep them by my bed, and if I wake up with serious dry mouth problems, I can pop one or two mints in my mouth, stimulate saliva flow and know I'm combating cavities while I'm at it.”

"I have had wonderful results..."


“After spending a lot of time trying products to help with my oral hygiene issues, I have had wonderful results from using Zellie’s mints!”

"I have noted a definite decrease in the number of cavities that occur."

Dr. Carol A. Scuro and Dr. W. Bradford Emery

"Many common medications have the side effect of a dry mouth. This increases the risk and rate of cavities. By recommending the use of xylitol products in these cases, I have noted a definite decrease in the number of cavities that occur."

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