Zellie's Xylitol - Simply Fantastic!

Learn why xylitol may, in fact, be better than your toothbrush!

Xylitol is fantastic for caring for your teeth throughout the day. It's the ideal solution for controlling acid damage from food and drinks, and it's so easy and delicious!

Zellie’s xylitol mints and gum help teeth in 3 different ways. Xylitol offers:

1. Protection From Acidity

Every time you eat or drink your teeth may be damaged by acids or sugary foods. A little xylitol at the end of every meal can protect teeth from this acid attack.

2. Plaque Control

Plaque is a problem! It’s a sticky film that causes cavities and leads to gum disease. Xylitol makes plaque slippery , so your efforts to clean teeth will be more effective.

3. Supports Mouth Health

Xylitol nurtures the good bacteria in your mouth. Some people call it a “pre-biotic” because it feeds “probiotics”. This is why xylitol is a friend to mouth health!

Use xylitol at every age:

· Wipe a tiny amount on baby teeth as they erupt for a cavity-free future.

· Toddlers can use xylitol granules on a toothbrush in place of toothpaste!

· Kids can enjoy Zellie's mints or bears after meals, at naptime or before bed.

· Teens can enjoy Zellie's mints or gum after drinks or snack or when brushing is difficult. No more problems at dentist check ups!

· New parents can use Zellie's to clean their mouths and have confidence they only pass healthy mouth bacteria to their children. We call this share-care!

· Families can enjoy Zellie's anytime, anywhere!

The fantastic benefits of xylitol: simply a better way to oral health!