Xylitol - a Healthy Sweetener

Because xylitol is a sugar-free sweetener, many people incorrectly assume it must be an artificial sweetener and equate it to sugar substitutes like sorbitol mannitol and maltitol. Xylitol is totally different from regular sugar and from all the products called sugar alcohols. The microscopic structure of xylitol is unique - being a healthy 5-carbon design, called a pentose sugar, which is found naturally in our bodies and in many fruits and vegetables. The best news is that xylitol appears to benefit our mouth and body in not one, but in a variety of ways.

There is nothing good to say about six-carbon sugar alcohols. Like six-carbon processed sugar, all these products feed plaque, upset our digestion and sorbitol is responsible for stomach cramps at low doses. If you use chewing gum containing sorbitol, it may be responsible for acid reflux symptoms. Help yourself by switching to 100% xylitol gum - like Zellie's gum and mints. Remember there is a big difference between xylitol and artificial sugar alcohols, and be aware that sorbitol can inhibit some of xylitol's benefits if it is mixed together with xylitol.

Further Reading:

The California Dental Association have a one-page article about xylitol and its oral health benefits.