Tips & Tricks to easily care for teeth over the holidays

This is a busy time of year and a challenging one for teeth! Treats, snacks and candy are plentiful. We have to be prepared, smart and thoughtful on how we take care of our teeth. Zellie's mints and gum are easy to take along with you throughout the day – each and every day.

Whether you are stuck in meetings all day or driving the family from one activity to the next, we can all benefit from a convenient routine for caring for our (and our family's) mouth health.

Here are a few tips to keep teeth protected, especially during the next few months:

  • Keep Zellie’s in your car, purse, gym bag or school backpack while you are on the go each day
  • Keep extra jars around the house. In the kitchen, office, bedroom and, yes even the bathroom, so you and your family can grab them easily.
  • Need a travel size? Our tins and gum pouches are easy to keep in your purse or at your desk.
  • Zellie’s can be a part of your kids’ routine too. Keep a jar or two in the car for on the way to school and while running around to their activities. Pop a few mints before bed as a reward for successful toothbrushing! Or when toothbrushing is difficult, like when traveling, use Zellie’s as a way to help keep teeth clean. (Remember, Zellie’s are recommended only for kids who can carefully chew a mint; please monitor young children while they enjoy Zellie’s.)

The idea routine for oral health is to have 2-3 mints or a piece of gum after every meal, drink or snack to control acidic damage and limit the growth of harmful bacteria. An easy rule of thumb is to have 6-10 grams of xylitol daily, in small doses, to see the best results over time.

When it comes to holiday treats, Dr. Ellie reminds us it is less damaging to teeth to consume these sugary snacks and candies quickly (don’t nibble over an extended period of time), have a drink of water, and then end with Zellie’s mints or gum to counter most of the damage.

Stock up now and be prepared for trick or treating, parties, and all the upcoming holiday hustle and bustle. Buy in bulk to enjoy a 20% savings.