Is Xylitol the Opposite of Sugar?

Is Xylitol the Opposite of Sugar?

When you compare sugar with xylitol, you’ll see xylitol is almost the exact opposite of sugar. For example, xylitol is great for teeth and helps reduce plaque. Sugar, of course, is awful for teeth and the more sugar you eat, the more harm it causes. On the other hand, the more you nibble xylitol - the more protection for teeth and gums. Plus, there’s even more good xylitol news……

For health our brains need glucose, but it must arrive at a controlled rate - not in a sudden rush. As sugar is digested, large amounts of glucose rush into the blood stream, spiking blood glucose. This is bad for everyone, especially dangerous for diabetics, and this causes an unnatural surge of energy, often followed by sleepiness and confusion. How much glucose a food releases into blood is the food’s GI or glycemic index. Sugar and xylitol are opposite ends of this GI scale:

- Sugar has a Glycemic Index of 100

- Xylitol has a Glycemic Index of 7

A study in 2012 looked at the effects of high and low GI foods on healthy, middle-aged adults. Researchers saw better brain performance in people who ate lower GI foods. The theory is that low GI foods help sustain low blood glucose profiles. Since a sugary dessert can spike blood glucose to negatively influence brain performance, consider Zellie’s xylitol mints or gum as a convenient low-glycemic food at the end of every meal, every day!