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Have you heard about our recent updates?

Zellie’s was founded in 2005 as a pioneer xylitol company. We have always sought to offer practical and effective products to improve the oral health of children and adults, and we work to make our products as convenient and delicious as possible. That is why this past summer we added an 18-count gum blister pack and a 65-count mint tinto our product line. We hope the smaller sizes are good for purses, pockets and lunch boxes – to help everyone “strive for five” Zellie’s each day – to zap plaque and protect teeth after meals.

In addition to these new options, our packaging has a fresh new look! We love the brighter colors and bold graphics as we feel they depict what Zellie’s is all about – great taste, fun and good for you.

We’re proud that Zellie’s products are crafted in the United States with no artificial ingredients, and we make the purest and best-tasting mints, gum and candies possible. This is why we removed titanium dioxide from the gum (it’s an unnecessary ingredient that is used only to mask surface imperfections) and replaced soy lecithin with sunflower lecithin (to reduce exposure to allergens). We also selected a couple of new flavorings that allow us to be non-GMO, Star-K Kosher, vegan and gluten free.

We are passionate about producing superior products and making a difference in the oral health of the people who use Zellie's. We hope you enjoy our new look, packaging and the improvements we have made. We look forward to your comments or suggestions at any time.

With best wishes,