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4 Ways to Healthier Teeth with Zellie's

Xylitol has many health and oral care benefits. We focus on these top 4 consistently.

Zellie's top 4 benefits for mouth health include:

  1. Perfect for dry mouth
  2. An easy way to care for teeth
  3. Helps prevent damage from acidity
  4. Helps protect and strengthen teeth

Why is Xylitol perfect for dry mouth?

When you consume xylitol as gum or mints, they pull saliva into your mouth from small salivary glands in the roof of your mouth. In most mouths, this saliva is mineral-rich and alkaline, which is conducive to tooth health and repair. Studies have also shown that using xylitol mints daily can reduce the amount of root decay in high-risk patients by 40%.

How does Zellie’s care for teeth?

Adults and children enjoy oral health benefits from just a little xylitol - providing they have at least 3 grams daily. Zellie’s products are most effective when eaten immediately after meals. Zellie’s products control acidic damage by alkalizing the mouth and limiting the growth of harmful cavity bacteria.

How does xylitol control acidic damage and strengthen teeth?

Usually teeth are damaged by acidity for close to an hour every time we eat or drink. Xylitol controls this acidic damage especially after meals. Xylitol helps generate a flow of alkaline saliva to balance mouth acidity. This alkaline saliva also helps mineralize damaged tooth enamel and strengthen teeth.

How does xylitol help protect teeth?

Plaque is a dental problem! It is this sticky film that causes cavities and leads to gum disease. Xylitol makes plaque slippery, so it will be rinsed away more easily and effectively when you clean your teeth. Xylitol also nurtures good bacteria in your mouth. Some call xylitol a “pre-biotic” because it feeds your mouth’s probiotic bacteria. This is why xylitol is a good friend for mouth health!

Zellie’s founder, Dr. Ellie, provides even more insights in her book Mouth Care Comes Clean. All content and information is provided by the expertise of Dr. Ellie.