Happy New Year

4 Easy Ways to Have Healthier Teeth in 2016

It’s the New Year and suddenly everyone wants better health, relationships and finances! We know habits are hard to change, but the great news is that Zellie’s mints and gum offer a simple way to improve tooth health and gain control over at least one vital aspect of life.

Here are 4 easy ways to have healthier, stronger, and naturally whiter teeth:

1. Use Zellie’s pure xylitol mints and gum to protect teeth from the acidity of foods and beverages (even healthy foods or smoothies can cause acidic damage). Select your favorite Zellie’s and enjoy a piece of gum or mints after every meal, snack or drink. **

2. Clean your toothbrush daily by swishing the bristles in Listerine - then rinse and let air dry completely. It’s good to buy a new brush every 4-6 weeks to ensure you avoid harmful bacteria. Brushes are infected during a single use and germs multiply. Also, remember to avoid toilet “plumes” - the spray that can travel up to 10 feet as a toilet is flushed, since this can infect unsuspecting brushes. Store your toothbrush as far away from your toilet as possible -- even if this means in the kitchen!

3. Healthy saliva is the liquid in your mouth that heals teeth and keeps them naturally strong. Saliva is often over-worked by our snacking and sipping habits. Even sipping water dilutes saliva and makes it less healing. If your teeth need help - snack and sip less, and end every snack with some Zellie’s mints or gum. And did you know that your saliva varies with a circadian rhythm - which means it’s quality changes during different times of day and night. Teeth benefit most from saliva’s healing minerals at mid-afternoon. You can help saliva help your teeth by eating a mineral-rich lunch, end with Zellie’s, and then avoid snacking or drinking for several hours in the mid-afternoon.

4. Pay attention to who you are kissing! In the 1970’s studies showed that cavity-forming bacteria transfer during a kiss. Happily, xylitol offers protection from this transfer, and 1 or 2 pieces of Zellie’s gum, or 2 to 4 Zellie’s mints, after meals 5t o 8 times a day work like a charm. Infants (birth - 2 years) are protected by just a few grams of xylitol, and we suggest wiping erupting teeth with xylitol granules on a damp cloth or baby toothbrush.

** There are some “alkaline” tooth-friendly foods that protect teeth when Zellie’s are not available: salty nuts, cheeses, celery, and some fruits that contain xylitol (e.g. strawberries, raspberries).

So, although Zellie’s may not be the answer to all your New Year's resolutions, they can save a bunch of worry, time, and expense at the dentist and they can help you have healthier teeth!

With our Best Wishes for a Happy New Year ~ Dr. Ellie and everyone at Zellie's!