This is a busy time of year and a challenging one for teeth! Treats, snacks and candy are plentiful. We have to be prepared, smart and thoughtful on how we take care of our teeth. Zellie's mints and gum are easy to take along with you throughout the day – each and every day.

Whether you are stuck in meetings all day or driving the family from one activity to the next, we can all benefit from a convenient routine for caring for our (and...

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Xylitol has many health and oral care benefits. We focus on these top 4 consistently.

Zellie's top 4 benefits for mouth health include:

  1. Perfect for dry mouth
  2. An easy way to care for teeth
  3. Helps prevent damage from acidity
  4. Helps protect and strengthen teeth

Why is Xylitol perfect for dry mouth?

When you consume xylitol as gum or mints, they pull...


Dr. Ellie explains why this specific toothbrush is one of her favorites and why it should be yours too!

Cherry Berry Xylitol at snack time

Parents have so many things to worry about! Today’s parents have a vast array of decisions about whether or not to vaccinate their child, which diet is best, if cloth or paper diapers are preferable, and if it is safe for an infant to sleep in bed with the parents. Many of these choices carry the potential for positive or negative impact on the child, and parents want to make the right choice. Most parents also want their child to have nice...

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Xylitol isn’t just for young people! Many seniors accept dental problems, thinking they simply happen as teeth age.

Xylitol helps to keep teeth young and ageless – by preventing damage caused by plaque, mouth acidity or dry mouth. Xylitol can help protect the oral health of denture wearers– by protecting the mouth and lips from infections like thrush, oral sores or angular cheilitis.


Learn why xylitol may, in fact, be better than your toothbrush!

Xylitol is fantastic for caring for your teeth throughout the day. It's the ideal solution for controlling acid damage from food and drinks, and it's so easy and delicious!

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Your mouth is full of bacteria -- both good, protective, beneficial bacteria and harmful, disease-promoting bacteria. Just like with the bacteria in your gut, the goal for a healthy mouth is to promote the good, protective bacteria and keep the bad bacteria at bay. And guess what...xylitol does just that!

Check out this...


Because xylitol is a sugar-free sweetener, many people incorrectly assume it must be an artificial sweetener and equate it to sugar substitutes like sorbitol mannitol and maltitol. Xylitol is totally different from regular sugar and from all the products called sugar alcohols. The microscopic structure of xylitol is unique - being a healthy 5-carbon design, called a pentose sugar, which is found naturally in our bodies and in many fruits and...