Dental/Wellness Affiliate Program

Zellie's Dental/Wellness Affiliate Program


Introducing the ZELLIE'S AFFILIATE PROGRAM! You can earn money for yourself, Zellie's credit, the office pool, lunch fund or give to the Healthy Teeth Fund. Here is how it works:

  • We send you one FREE 40 ct box of our samples.

  • We provide you with an affiliate code.

  • Handout cards with your affiliate code on it (see example)

  • You hand out to patients and give them the code letting them know they can purchase online at We give you 10% commission on each sale. The affiliate code, btw, also gives them a 10% discount on up to 12 purchases (yes, you will receive commission on each one!)

  • You can purchase additional samples boxes for $13 (or we can deduct the cost from your commission). Or you can just provide your customers/patients with the affiliate code with no sample if you wish.

Please fill out the form below to get started!