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Zellie's Xylitol - Simply Fantastic!

The Zellie’s Story

In the 1990s I worked as a dentist in Rochester New York, but I also helped to run a family restaurant. The restaurant employed over 60 waiters, bakers, bartenders and cooks.

As I chatted with restaurant employees they often told me stories about their sensitive, weak and damaged teeth. I noticed many were eating sugary breath mints, and I wondered why they didn’t use xylitol gum and mints instead. In Europe xylitol has been a daily health routine for decades, and I was amazed how few people in the States know about the fantastic benefits of xylitol.

To introduce xylitol to the restaurant staff, I put xylitol gum and mints in dispensing machines at the back and front of the restaurant. The waiters had pockets-full of coins and used them in these machines. The waiters nibbled xylitol mints during work and quickly saw benefits. It was they who named the mints “Z” for xy-litol and “Ellie” was my name = “Zellie’s”.

Zellie’s xylitol mints and gum help teeth in 3 different ways. Xylitol offers:

1. Protection From Acidity

Every time you eat or drink your teeth may be damaged by acids or sugary foods. A little xylitol at the end of every meal can protect teeth from this acid attack.

2. Plaque Control

Plaque is a problem! It’s a sticky film that causes cavities and leads to gum disease. Xylitol makes plaque slippery , so your efforts to clean teeth will be more effective.

3. Supports Mouth Health

Xylitol nurtures the good bacteria in your mouth. Some people call it a “pre-biotic” because it feeds “probiotics”. This is why xylitol is a friend to mouth health!

Use xylitol at every age:

· Wipe a tiny amount on baby teeth as they erupt for a cavity-free future.

· Toddlers can use xylitol granules on a toothbrush in place of toothpaste!

· Kids can enjoy Zellie's mints or bears after meals, at naptime or before bed.

· Teens can enjoy Zellie's mints or gum after drinks or snack or when brushing is difficult. No more problems at dentist check ups!

· New parents can use Zellie's to clean their mouths and have confidence they only pass healthy mouth bacteria to their children. We call this share-care!

· Families can enjoy Zellie's anytime, anywhere!

The fantastic benefits of xylitol: simply a better way to oral health!